“Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice”. My painting today.

Painting on recycled cardboard boxes….ahh it’s so relaxing. There is no pressure to “do a good job” because you’re not using a canvas that you had to buy.

Let your mind take you away and experiment with colors.

Today I just finished this painting entitled “Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice”.

And this “Bowl of Oranges” on cardboard.

My Acrylic Painting Blog: New Series: Trailer Park

I have finally decided to start a painting and artist blog. I have been obsessed with drawing since my early childhood but have never considered myself an “artist”. You never really achieve that status, do you?

Over the past decade I’ve transitioned from drawing to acrylic painting. I will begin posting my paintings here. I paint on canvas and recycled cardboard (I make use of every cardboard box I can find!).

Lately I’ve found a spurt of both energy and motivation to paint. It’s like a calling that beckons me out at night and keeps me awake with ideas. I love color.

I usually set up pieces of cardboard for my children to paint while I make an attempt on a new canvas. There is often leftover paint, which I then use on cardboard remnants (never waste a drop!). Sometimes these sporadic paintings (which I complete in minutes) can be treasures. Mostly, they are junkyard material. It’s a crapshoot but a very fun one!

The other day my daughter set out a bunch of interesting paint colors, so this one was entirely from her pallette! Don’t the colors work marvellously? I had to make my own painting!

This one is acrylic on cardboard which I’ve named: Trailer Park, Morning Coffee and Cigarettes.

I would like to do a series called: Trailer Park

This next one is called: Trailer Park: Just Waking Up with oranges

More painting tomorrow and everyday! Please follow this painting blog.

Disclaimer: I own all paintings on this blog and none may be copied or reproduced without my permission.